Exchanges produces world class 3D animation and visual effects for TV commercial, live-action and animation films, music videos and live show. Our team members are skilled at collaborating the efforts of creative groups and focusing their energy and production to achieve the best results.

Getting To and Through Pre-Production

Exchanges supports you in the pre-production stage with animatics and pre-visualizations. Our team will be with you at every step of the way and will help you to run smooth the overall creative and production process saving you time in this deadline-intensive world.

During Production

Exchanges can provide you on-set visual effects supervision - a vfx senior artist will discuss each particular shot with the production team and will offer creative solutions that eliminate the need for re-shoots and the “fix it in post” process – one of the most expensive parts of creating a video material.

Final Edit and Compositing, Color Corrections

Let us assist you in the final finishing of your project. Exchanges will ensure you professional editors, compositor, designers and animators with long years of established experience in the market.

Visual effects and animation

Exchanges provides visual effects and 3D computer animation solutions for films and tv commercial. We provide with CG characters, environments, background replacements, optical or magic effects - whatever the project might need - we're here to support.

Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering
2D / 3D animation
Character Animation
Liquid & Cloth & Fur simulation
Matte painting / Set extensions
Particles FX
Onset supervision

Editing and motion graphic

Exchanges usually works with the best italian and international editors and usually work on the project from the editorials to the video finish.

off-line edit
motion graphic
color correction


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